“The challenges of water management in Chile and California are pretty similar” 

September 23, 2019
We talked to Jay Lund, Director of the UC Davis’ Center for Watershed Sciences who told us how California managed to overcome the worst drought in its history and almost without affecting its economic activity. Dr. Lund participated as the main speaker in the 10th anniversary of the Catholic University’s Global Change Center with the talk “Adaptation to climate change and water resources: transferring experience from California to Chile”.

UC Davis Chile and Inchalam propose to contribute to the fruit farming sector through extension

September 06, 2019
Following two years of joint work between the center of innovation and the leading company in the manufacture of wires and wire products in Chile– enabling the creation of the Program of Agricultural Extension AgroInchalam-, both institutions have decided to deepen their relationship as strategic allies with the signature of an agreement to develop innovation projects and activities related to the provision of information and new capacities for the country’s fruit producers.

New Executive Director and Academic Director Appointed for UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center

August 31, 2019

UC Davis Chile within Global Affairs has appointed two new leaders: Lovell “Tu” Jarvis, a professor emeritus in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and the faculty director of Global Centers for Latin America and the Caribbean, has been named the center’s Executive Director, and Dario Cantu, associate professor of systems biology and Louis P. Martini Endowed chair in viticulture, has been named the center’s Academic Director.

The Chile-California Council led the Seminar “Agriculture in a Changing World” Reversing a common crisis through science, technology, innovation and public policy

August 30, 2019
UC Davis Chile, together with INIA and the Global Change Center, supported the organization of the event, which featured prominent Chilean speakers - such as Gonzalo Muñoz, COP25 champion, to be held in Santiago next December - and from UC Davis, as the directors of the Agricultural Issues Center, Daniel Sumner, and of the John Muir Environmental Institute, Ben Houlton, as well as Sam Sandoval, a prominent water management specialist. Available the presentations of the speakers.

UC Davis Chile launched a hydrometry web platform project for the Aconcagua river

May 24, 2019
The launch of the project of the Aconcagua river took place on May 23 and was attended by various authorities. The aim of this public asset is to develop and implement a real-time surface and subterranean hydrometry web platform to strengthen sustainable water management and to support decision making in the distribution and use of this resource.

Chile for Clean Lakes and UC Davis: Collaborative work for the sustainable development of North Patagonian Lakes

April 30, 2019
We talked to Lovell "Tu" Jarvis, UC Davis' Faculty Director of Global Centers for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Geoffrey Schladow, founding Director of Tahoe Environmental Research Center at UC Davis, to learn about their experience as part of Chile's Clean Lakes Board of Directors, foundation of international collaboration, that works in the preservation, sustainable development and resilience to the climate change of the lakes that are located in the north of the Chilean Patagonia.

UC Davis MBA Team Completes Global Centers Project in Chile

April 15, 2019
To spur its Global Centers strategy, UC Davis Global Affairs partnered with the Graduate School of Management (GSM) to engage a team of six part-time MBA students through the Integrated Management Project, the school’s capstone course. The team’s project involved surveying stakeholders on campus and traveling to Chile for meetings with institutions—in tandem with researching and developing a strategy for the first UC Davis Global Center within Global Affairs.