ANII and UC Davis Chile sign collaboration agreement

As part of UC Davis Chile's role in linking research carried out in California with Latin America, at the end of 2019 a Collaboration Agreement was signed with Uruguay's National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII).

With this agreement, both organizations declare to be linked in the interest of advancing towards activities that support the development of specific collaboration programs in science, technology, innovation, technology transfer and extension.

As a promoter of collaborative work between the two organizations, the agreement has as its main objectives:

Dean of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis goes on an “academic tour” in Chile

Michael Lairmore arrived in Santiago to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Catholic University, basically to support the creation of its own school of veterinary medicine. During his busy days in the country, he also visited UC Davis Chile, met with Chilean UC Davis ex alumni and his colleagues from the University of Chile. He gave a talk in the College of Veterinary Doctors and visited the south of Chile in order to learn about its developed aquaculture.  

Dushyant Pathak leads a series of activities in Santiago


Con el propósito de participar en la última reunión de Directorio de UC Davis Chile, el Director Dushyant Pathak,  Vicerrector Asociado de Gestión Tecnológica y Relaciones Corporativas, protagonizó una apretada agenda  junto a Zane Starkewolfe, Director Asociado de Venture Catalyst, y Mike Lemcke, Coordinador de Programa de Venture Catalyst.

INIA and UC Davis Chile sign agreement to strengthen the food sector

July Kalazich, National Director of the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) and Alan Bennett, Executive Director of UC Davis Chile, signed an agreement to jointly address the development of applied scientific research, technological solutions, extensionism and high impact innovation to respond to the requirements of the food and environmental sectors in Chile.

"Research to Business Catalyst" inaugurates scientific co-work "Patagonia LabSpace" in Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt, Thursday, January 21, 2016. - Leonardo de la Prida, Governor of the Los Lagos region; Adolfo Alvial, Director of Corfo Lakes region; Eduardo Zavala, CEO of Patagonia LabSpace; Dr. Alan Bennett, Executive Director of the University of California Davis-Chile and Felipe Jara, Deputy of Corfo´s Ecosystem Entrepreneurship, inagurated Patagonia LabSpace, the first center for scientific co-work and product scaling in Chile. Patagonia LabSpace will focus on  projects in areas relevant to the south, such as aquaculture, livestock and agriculture.

Alliance between UC Davis Chile and STGO LabSpace: R2B Catalyst, first scientific Hub devoted for business development

The University of California, Davis in Chile ( UC Davis Chile) and STGO LabSpace joined forces to create "Research to Business Catalyst" ( R2B Catalyst ), the first Hub that aims to support the development of scientific and technological products that are "Made in Chile " and its effective position in the market. The company will have a number of centers in Santiago and the south of the country. Its headquarters, UC Davis LabSpace, will begin operations in early 2016 .

UC Davis Chile and UDD advance in the formation of intellectual property and technology transfer

On Wednesday, August 19th, Dr. Alan Bennett, Executive Director of University of California Davis in Chile (UC Davis Chile) -a program from UC Davis (USA) currently in Chile-, met with Federico Valdés, the Chancellor of Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), to begin defining areas where the two institutions will work together. One of the main topics will be human capital training in intellectual property and technology transfer, areas in which both institutions have a long tradition and prestige.