The UC Davis Chile Center’s Partnerships and Communications Management Unit it is a support unit for the development of critical processes of the center’s activities whose essential functions are:

  • Positions the UC Davis Chile center as a collaborative R+D platform between California and Chile, at the service of industry in Chile and within Latin America.
  • Communicates the Center’s expertise widely within Chile and Latin America.
  • Publicizes major achievements and links UC Davis academic resources to Chile’s academic, social and business environment.
  • Disseminates UC Davis Chile’s discoveries to 1) our academic, business, and government partners in Chile, 2) other partners throughout Latin America, and 3) the UC Davis campus.  


For the Industry and Business Community

The UC Davis Chile Center seeks to continue UC Davis’ long and fruitful history of collaboration with Chilean universities, industry and government.

We seek technological solutions based on outstanding science that will generate innovative products and services, while also demonstrating how a university can directly benefit industry and stimulate the economy.  

UC Davis Chile is a collaborative R&D platform.  It has completed many projects, relying on the capacity of its partners and collaborators as well as its scientific staff and UC Davis researchers.  We invite you to learn about our areas of interest and our work team in order to explore collaboration possibilities.

Student and Academic Mobility

UC Davis places a priority on global education and, with its Chilean partners, on training tomorrow’s professionals. For further information on student mobility, visit the Study Abroad page of Global Affairs.