What we do?

UC Davis created the UC Davis Chile Center in 2015 to be a strategic partner of universities, firms and other institutions to undertake research and transfer new technologies to Chile’s agro-food and environmental sectors. The Center is now broadening its activities to include other sectors where US Davis has expertise that will help Chile meet its opportunities and needs. 

Our academic partners have complementary scientific and institutional capabilities to those offered by UC Davis and the Center, advancing the Center’s ability to conduct research and achieve effective technological solutions.

Our business partners identify issues whose solutions can benefit their work and contribute knowledge to advance the Center’s research. In collaboration with them, UC Davis Chile undertakes applied research and conducts technology transfer to increase their productivity.  The Center facilitates technical transfer by providing access to scientific knowledge and new technologies.  It can also provide technical outreach and extension activities.  


Some of the services offered by UC Davis Chile are:

  • Situation Analysis: exploration of the problems and/or business needs and prospection of the best existing solutions. Evaluation of the state of art and technological benchmarking may be performed with the assessment of a national or international expert.

  • Design and execution of applied R+D projects: initiatives to solve specific business problems through applied research, considering the development and testing of technologies and an appropriate plan of adoption and technological transfer. We articulate multidisciplinary teams, national and international.

  • Design and execution of technology adoption projects: projects to solve specific business challenges through the adoption and transfer of developed or preexisting technologies, considering the scaling process.

  • Specialized consultancies: assessments to enable the identification of appropriate solutions for companies and/or to support their implementation.