Innovation & Extension

Extension constitutes a fundamental element in order to generate change processes and to enhance innovation in different productive sectors, such as agri-food.  Among the outstanding worldwide agricultural extension systems is the California Cooperative Extension System which has been operating for more than 100 years, has a robust structure as well as an impact endorsed in figures. UC Davis Chile´s proposal is based on the adoption of this system to our local conditions, that is, to the social, cultural, economic and productive reality of the country.

The area’s objective is to facilitate access to knowledge, information and technologies in a reliable and impartial manner; the development and enhancement of collaboration and innovation networks and the adaptation and/or adoption of technologies, promoting innovation processes.  

UC Davis Chile’s extension services are developed within the framework of the available instruments and in coordination with expert institutions and actors in the sector. Based on market demands, they are identified with the needs of the industry and seek collaborative solutions through the development of skills, technologies and innovation.

Our services stand out due to a total commitment with the entrepreneur and are delivered under the principles of sustainability, participation and horizontality and are guaranteed by follow-up and monitoring, thus enabling the evaluation of their impact.  

Current Initiatives

Viticulture and Enology Extension Center of Southern Chile (CEV del Sur )

The Viticulture and Enology Extension Center of Southern Chile (CEV del Sur)  provides personalized extension to small and medium winegrowers from southern central Chile, in the valleys of Tutuven, Itata, Biobio and Malleco.

The CEV del Sur value proposal is aimed at the production of wines, framed in overcoming specific technological gaps; under permanent supervision, performing follow-up and monitoring in order to evaluate their impact. They are provided, moreover, by highly qualified professionals, specialized in enology, who are familiar with the territory.

The center is co-financed by CORFO and is led by UC Davis Chile, together with the Institute of Agricultural Research, INIA Quilamapu and by the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Concepcion.