The initiative that seeks to transform organic waste into energy for extreme localities

We share the article published in El Mercurio on Thursday, April 8, 2021.  You can see the original article here.

The initiative that seeks to transform organic waste into energy for extreme localities

Taking a project developed in the U.S. as an example, U. of California Davis Chile is working on its implementation in the country. Along with promoting recycling in the community, the idea is to convert waste into a renewable resource.

Circular Economy in the chilean agri-food sector

A paradigm shift is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Circular Economy (CE). In the current global context, today it is essential to be aware of the way we produce. What is the key? To maximize the utility and value of resources at all times, promoting more efficient, sustainable and regenerative productive systems.

Bioproducts, a trend that’s here to stay

With the participation of prominent local and international exhibitors, the First International Summit of Bioproducts, organized by Mundoagro magazine and UC Davis Chile, was an event that brought together different actors of the agricultural industry and where the main challenges in these matters were exposed at a local level, in order to lay the foundations for the growth of this trend in our country, particularly in matters of regulation and knowledge of this market.

What's coming on food consumption

The 420 thousand annual deaths due to contaminated food have driven different countries to strengthen the stages of production and distribution in order to prevent diseases. In addition, ready-to-eat food, online shopping and healthy products are other current trends. Report of Revista del Campo that features the opinion of Kent J. Bradford, director of the World Food Center of UC Davis.


New stage of project to protect Araucaria trees

El Campo Magazine, a weekly suplement of El Mercurio newspaper, highlights the second stage of the "Araucaria Project" that UC Davis Chile leads together with CONAF. The goal is to determine the causes of the Araucaria araucana Leaf Damage (DFA in Spanish), a problem widely spread among our natural monumentn, for generating management strategies.