Good wood fungus

June 20, 2018
Biocontrollers can be an excellent alternative to fungicides, not only for being environmentally friendly but also for their efficiency. An example? The use of endofite fungus to control the diseases of vineyard wood.

Advances in the production of chilean biological product for agriculture

March 22, 2018

This process, which to date has the collection of microorganisms and laboratory evaluations, is part of the work that these days develop the UC Davis Chile and the University of Tarapacá (UTA), Arica. An article published by El Mercurio Campo, featuring Freddy Boehmwald, Bioproducts development coordinator at UC Davis Chile.

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What's coming on food consumption

March 19, 2018

The 420 thousand annual deaths due to contaminated food have driven different countries to strengthen the stages of production and distribution in order to prevent diseases. In addition, ready-to-eat food, online shopping and healthy products are other current trends. Report of Revista del Campo that features the opinion of Kent J. Bradford, director of the World Food Center of UC Davis.


New stage of project to protect Araucaria trees

March 12, 2018

El Campo Magazine, a weekly suplement of El Mercurio newspaper, highlights the second stage of the "Araucaria Project" that UC Davis Chile leads together with CONAF. The goal is to determine the causes of the Araucaria araucana Leaf Damage (DFA in Spanish), a problem widely spread among our natural monumentn, for generating management strategies. 


A look at integrated pest management in a context of climate change

September 13, 2017

The use of this technique has become an excellent alternative to keep the development of different pests at bay. However, climate change opens up a number of challenges in its use. As follows, Jim Farrar, expert from the University of California, Davis, examines this point in greater depth. Text in Spanish since the third page, in English. Source: El Mercurio Campo.

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International Achievers: Kornbluth, Mitcham, Bennett

July 24, 2017
Kurt Kornbluth and Elizabeth Mitcham are the recipients of UC Davis’ inaugural Chancellor’s International Engagement Achievement Awards, while Alan Bennett received an honorable mention.

How will the winery be in the future

June 26, 2017
The Chief of the Viticulture and Enology Department, David Block, assures that efficient use of water and energy is key, as well as automatization of processes. In California there is already a model of a autosustainable winery. Article written by Paloma Díaz for El Mercurio, one of the most important Chilean newspapers.

Total Analysis

March 15, 2017

Big data allows to integrate and analyze enormous volumes of data to orientate decisions with greater precision. Its application in Integrated Pest Management demonstrates this potential. Article written by Soroush Parsa, UC Davis Chile's Agronomy and Environment Programs Coordinator, for Mundoagro magazine (text in Spanish).

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