January 2018 is a special date for UC Davis Chile. After three years working, we are beginning our second phase as Corfo’s project. This edition features our Executive Director’s opinion column on our main achievements of the first stage and the challenges for the second one. As the main news we offer the tight schedule of UC Davis’ senior authorities in Chile to support us in our multiple committements to end our first phase: meetings with academic partners, VSPT Wine Group renewing its engagement as an industrial partner, UC Davis Chile’s Board of Directors meeting, an agreement between UC Davis and the University Santa María, among others.

Other relevant news is that we count on new academic partners: the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) and University Andrés Bellos’ Chancellor, traveled to UC Davis to meet his peer, Gary May. As always, a series of highlights about activities that we have organized with our partners in Arica, Santiago, Talca y Chillán.

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