We include an opinion column by Soroush Parsa, Program Coordinator Agronomy and Environment and Scientific Director of the Climate Smart Agro platform. Precisely,  the main news is about the first activity of this platform. In every edition we explain a research line, in this case its “Agroclimate Technologies” and the installation of four Surface Renewal stations in VSPT Wine Group’s vineyards. The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have been very busy for UC Davis Chile, leading and supporting semminars. In these activities several UC Davis experts have participated, Bruce German, Moshe Rosenberg, Eduardo Silva and Woutrina Smith. As always, we want to be connected with professionals who work in Chile andhave studied at Davis. We will meet Mª Eugenia Gonzalez, from the U. of Concepcion, and Alejandra Madariaga, who just returned to Chile.