Services required/Objective

Social services related to the interaction, entailment and communication with ancestral communities linked to the National Monument and fundamental tree, Araucaria araucana, in the Regions of Araucanía and Biobío, Chile.


UC Davis Chile is looking for an organization or company able to provide services related to the interaction and communication with indigenous and/or ancestral communities in the framework of a scientific project related to the characterization of potential causing agents of leaf damage in Araucaria araucana, in the Regions of Araucanía and Biobío, Chile.

Qualifications/minimum requirements.

The organization and/or its collaborators must have experience in:

  • Previous work with indigenous, rural and/or ancestral related communities.
  • Information gathering of cultural methodologies for conservation practices in indigenous communities in Chile.
  • Generate conditions and mechanisms to exchange information in a bidirectional way between scientific teams and ancestral indigenous communities.
  • Have a multidisciplinary team able to encompass effective communication between diverse groups, i.e. indigenous communities, scientific groups and partner institutions. It is desirable that team profiles include: sociologists and/or anthropologists, educators, engineers and lawyers.

Desirable qualifications

Experience in the territory of Araucanía and Biobío, including contact network and previous relationship with leaders of ancestral indigenous communities linked to Araucaria araucana, and understanding of the local indigenous culture and their traditional conservation practices.

Proposed Project Roadmap

Phase 1: Diagnosis and Base Line

Establishment of a base line for social evaluation concerning previous activities with the involved ancestral communities, and cultural methodologies for conservation of Araucaria araucana in the designated territory. Identification of community leaders, local actors, institutional actors, and definition of their relevance to the project. Also, a base line of the scientific results to be communicated.

Phase 2-3: Design and implement social intervention

Generation of a work plan for social intervention to inform and involve ancestral communities linked to the tree Araucaria araucana in the project.

  1. Generate instances of participation to:
    1.  Effectively report the background of previous results obtained by national scientific research’s about the disease that affects A. araucana and the severity of it.
    2. Obtaining valuable information on ancestral practices that can contribute to the conservation of this resource.
    3. Effectively report new results obtained in the framework of this project to communities dependent on the ecosystem dominated by A. araucana on the disease, its severity and the efforts that are being made for its conservation by CONAF.
  2.   Establish effective communication networks between stakeholders.

Phase 3: Assessment and Monitoring

Develop a monitoring plan for continue assessment changes once the interventions have been completed. Elaboration of the final report including an evaluation of the results and activities carried out.

Time frame of the project: 12 months starting April 2018.

Project Budget available: Maximum 25.000.000 CLP

Close Date: To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by March 22, 2018.

To apply, please send the following information to , including :

  • “Concept note” with a programming proposition for the project, including general activities by phases, and required budget.
  • Institutional dossier and CV.
  • Cover letter and CV of the leader of the project.

Evaluation: Project evaluation will be performed in accordance with following criteria.



Previous experience in the topic and in the designated territory.


Execution capabilities and pertinence of the proposed team.


Coherence between budget, proposed activities and time line of the project.


Team interview