UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center, is the Center of International Excellence that the University of California, Davis launched in Chile during the first half of 2015, with the support of CORFO (an agency from the Ministry of Economy). The Center carries out applied research and executes innovative initiatives focused on the agri-food sector and on environmental challenges, with the purpose of transferring top-level technical knowledge and good practices to producers and businesses. In addition, UC Davis Chile has expert capabilities to support technology transfer and intellectual property issues.

UC Davis Chile is a private non-profit foundation created by the Office of Regents of the University of California and belonging to UC Davis’ Global Affairs. Its Board of Directors include the highest authorities of the Davis campus, as well as representatives of Chilean universities that work directly with the center.

Main Objectives:

  • Create a platform for collaborative research between UC Davis and Chilean researchers, to support life science innovation in Chile and California.
  • Effectively transfer life sciences technologies from UC Davis and from the collaborative programs of the UC Davis Chile center, to the Chilean industry.
  • Link UC Davis’ educational programs and creation capacity with Chile.

Provide the market and society with technological solutions based on science through the implementation of a collaborative research platform, the development of disruptive technologies, and the transfer of efficient and effective applications in the fields of food and agriculture to generate economic impact and traceable social development in Chile and the world.

To be a Latin American leader in Applied Research and in the Transfer of Technological Solutions of life sciences.

Excellence / We work to make the ordinary extraordinary.
Visionary / We work with optimism in the conviction of an exceptional future.
Respect / We value and care for the individual in his or her environment.
Reciprocity / We commit to a relationship in which partners grow with us.
Ability to overcome / The improvement of the human condition drives us to strive for more.
Spirit of Service / We have an obligation others therefore work to improve humanity.
Global Impact / Our reach goes beyond borders and improves the human life.