fernando coz

Position Title
Chile Lagos Limpios director


Fundación Chile Lagos Limpios Executive Director since February 2019. Fernando has been an advisor to LAND (environmental design) since 2017, during which time he has worked on the design, financing and execution of the Chile Lagos Limpios Seminar (May 2018), as well as various projects related to Environmental Planning. In the last six years he has served as leader of the sustainability area of Fundación Chile, concentrating his efforts on the development of local energy strategies for the communes of Vitacura (Santiago), Caldera, Antofagasta and Villa Alemana. He has also led projects to accelerate the development of distributed solar energy in Chile, such as the Open Innovation Platform in Solar Energy and Techo 30+. Fernando worked with the financial sector in the design of financing instruments for solar energy projects at the residential and commercial levels. Prior to working at Fundación Chile, Fernando worked in Banchile Citi's Investment Banking division and in the Corporate Strategy team of the multinational Fonterra, in Auckland (New Zealand). Fernando has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Universidad de Los Andes and a M.Sc. in Environment and Development from The University of Edinburgh.