From research results to market

UC Davis Chile´s Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer unit has its main focus to advise the Center on these topics and all the work in which it operates. In these areas, we find the management of institutional standards and IP policies, which seek to protect and value the results of research and development generated within UC Davis Chile; those obtained in collaborative research with universities and research centres and those carried out with partner companies or by order. The IP policies are constantly updated to respond adequately to the challenges posed by new developments and definitions dictated by the University of California Davis.   

Additionally it is a primary objective of the IP and TT area to implement strategies to safeguard, protect, value and commercialize the research and development results portfolio obtained from the R&D and I&E areas.

We look for research and development opportunities with an economic impact, supporting the definition of research lines that allow the generation and protection results value and  developments commercialization based on market orientation (market assessment). 

Now we are advising both in Chile and Latin America, in intellectual property and technology transfer strategy, market assessment and training in all these issues of IP & TT. This connect institutions and/or companies with the Center and the University of California Davis knowledge and experience.

We focus on strengthening the creation, growth and consolidation of university and research centre technology transfer offices. Likewise, we offer IP management issues support to companies of any size related to the Centre's work.


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