Industry Advisory Board

Industry Advisory Board (IAB) supports UC Davis Chile Life Science Innovation Center’s mission by providing input and recommendations from business perspective and serves as a liaison with the requirements and needs from the agri-food and environmental sectors. The function of the IAB will be to: (1) advise UC Davis Chile on broad matters in business, technology, social and economic issues influencing its opportunities for innovation in Chile; (2) propose general criteria and concrete recommendations on priorities for research and projects.

Members of the board will be appointed by the General Manager and/or Executive Director of UC Davis Chile and will include representative of industrial partners of the center and distinguished leaders from private and public sector organizations who can play a key role in guiding and prioritizing UC Davis Chile’s applied research, innovation and extension investment and efforts.

Currently, the Industry Advisory Board is made up of:

          Ximena López, Innovation and Technology Development Manager, Granotec.

          Nicole Porcile, Director Partner, ANAGEA environmental consulting firm.

          Juan Cury, Agricultural and Supply Manager, VSPT Wine Group.

          Sergio Maureira, General Secretary, Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX).