Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board is made up of representatives of universities and research centers associated to UC Davis Chile. Its function is to provide the Executive Director and the General Manager with an expert opinion as well as strategic guidances on new requirements about research, technological development and innovation related to the agri-food and environmental sectors of the country.

In more specific terms, the Council has the following functions:

  • Advise on general issues of science, technology, social and economic issues that influence innovation opportunities in Chile.

  • Support in the identification of new research and development opportunities for UC Davis Chile.

  • Introduce emerging requirements of their own institutions and explore the complementarity of capacities and joint initiatives, as well as identify new alternatives for linking with the Campus.

Currently, the Academic Advisory Board is made up of:

Marta Alfaro, Research and Development Deputy, Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA)

Francisco Chiang, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director, Andrés Bello University

Eugenio Doussoulin, Innovation and Technology Transfer Director, University of Tarapacá

Michel Leporati, Technology Transfer Director, University of Talca

Rodrigo del Canto, Tech Transfer Deputy Director, Universidad del Desarrollo

Alejandra Urtubia, Research Projects and Innovation Director, University Santa María